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All New Honda CR-V

All New Honda CR-V

All New Honda CR-V Bandung (Extra Bonus Accessories, List Price Latest OTR, & Simulation Package New Car Loan All New Honda CR-V Bandung) appeared completely new design backed by cutting-edge technology and features, making it a premium SUV . All New Honda CR-V received so positively in Bandung because it has a unique character combining the toughness of an SUV with the comfort of a sedan. The fourth generation of the All New Honda CR-V Bandung further strengthens the character presents a more premium image of the support of larger, more efficient performance, as well as a variety of other advanced features for driving comfort.

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< All New CR-V Bandung is dedicated to those who are successful, keep up with technology, have an active lifestyle and love of family. Therefore, this car is designed to support their lifestyle and give pride to have the time. ‘Everybody’s Watching’ means this car will make its owner the center of attention wherever they are. All variants of the all-new CR-V is available in 6 colors: White Orchid Pearl, Carnelian Red Pearl is the latest colors, then there is Urban Titanium Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic, and Crystal Black Pearl.

New Honda Bandung


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