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New Honda Brio

Bandung market Honda All New Honda Brio brings the concept of “More Choices, More Excitement”, in Bandung. New Honda Brio Bandung (Extra Bonus Accessories, List Price Latest OTR, & Simulation Package Car Loan New Honda Brio Bandung) is now present more choices include New Brio A / T 1.2 L Bandung offers full features at an affordable price, Brio Sports 1.3 L Bandung more sporty, as well as Brio Satya is a product of the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) High quality of Honda Bandung. A variety of new variants, the Honda Brio will meet all the needs of Bandung of a City Car, both for first-time car buyers and the additional users. Thanks to the localization of production does, we can offer a full-featured affordable Brio at once, so we are confident this product will be well received by consumers in Bandung.

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Alongside the launch of the New Honda Brio Bandung, Bandung Honda announced the appointment of idol group DPS 48 brand ambassadors New Honda Brio Bandung on 11 September 2013 at the Jakarta XXI Ballroom Theater. JKT 48 Honda Bandung chosen as the brand ambassador for the new Honda Brio Bandung because it has the appropriate image New Honda Brio Bandung, namely young stylish, dynamic and be a trendsetter in the field. In addition, DPS 48 most of the fans are young people also have the same market share of Honda Brio Bandung.

JKT 48 will appear in the associated activities of the New Honda Brio Bandung, ranging from posters advertising New Honda Brio Bandung, TV Commercial New Honda Brio Bandung, Video Presentation New Honda Brio, New Honda Brio launch event Bandung, as well as various events will be held for consumers of Honda Brio Bandung. JKT48 is an idol group consisted of 23 people Team A, Team KIII 18, and 10-person team of trainees. JKT48 is now rising in the music of Indonesia has fans very much. JKT48 is from AKB48 Sister Group originated in Japan. JKT48 is also the first musical group successfully established outside of Japan after AKB48.

New Honda Bandung


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