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Pricelist Honda Civic Bandung


Pricelist Honda Civic Bandung

Pricelist Honda Civic Bandung: Price List Latest OTR All New Honda Civic Bandung & the surrounding region (Plate D) in 2013.

in Price List Honda Civic

Information Pricelist All New Honda Civic Bandung most Up to Date and Reliable.
Obtain Extra Bonus Points Car Accessories All New Honda Civic Bandung.
Discounts Available All New Honda Civic Bandung. Request CashBack – Contact: “Honda Bandung“.

Specification and price list car type All New Honda Civic Bandung and surrounding areas (Plate No. D) applicable in 2013 as follows: To
No.. All New Honda Civic Civic Price Bandung
1. Civic 1.8 MT: Manual Rp. 364 000 000
2. Civic 1.8 AT: Automatic Rp. 377 000 000
3. Civic 2.0 AT: Automatic Rp. 424 500 000
Price list Honda Civic Price List All New Honda Civic Bandung

All New Honda Civic pricelist London has not been cut for a discount or cashback and still negotiable.
Pricelist car is not binding and can be changed at any time without prior notice.
Routinely we always do an update Pricelist cars every month.
If there is a change in the unit Pricelist All New Honda Civic Bandung each time an update will be done as soon as possible Pricelist Honda Bandung.

Do not forget to always contact the Sales Authorized Honda Dealer or visit Bandung Autobest for cash and credit purchases. Thank you for visiting and your confidence to the reliability of the information Pricelist Honda Civic Bandung, you are always eagerly anticipated arrival.



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