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Pricelist Honda Odyssey Bandung

Pricelist Honda Odyssey Bandung

Price list Honda Odyssey Or Harga Honda Odyssey Bandung
Pricelist Honda Odyssey Bandung – Price List OTR terbaru mobil Honda Odyssey regional Bandung & sekitarnya (Plat D) tahun 2013.

Informasi Pricelist Mobil Honda Odyssey Bandung yang paling Up to Date dan Terpercaya.
Dapatkanlah Bonus Menarik Ekstra Aksesoris Mobil Honda Odyssey Bandung.
Tersedia Diskon Honda Odyssey Bandung. Request CashBack – Hubungi : New Honda Bandung Authorized Dealer Resmi Mobil Baru.

Keterangan tipe serta daftar harga mobil Honda New Odyssey wilayah Bandung dan sekitarnya (Plat Nomor D) berlaku tahun 2013 sebagai berikut :
No.    Odyssey    Harga Honda Odyssey Bandung
1.    Odyssey S CVT    Rp. 604.000.000
2.    Odyssey E CVT    Rp. 704.000.000
Pricelist Honda Odyssey Bandung     Price List New Honda Odyssey Bandung

Pricelist Honda Odyssey Bandung tersebut belum dipotong dengan diskon atau cashback dan masih bisa dinegosiasikan.
Pricelist mobil tersebut tidak mengikat dan sewaktu-waktu dapat berubah tanpa pemberitahuan terlPricelist Honda Odyssey Bandung
Pricelist Honda Odyssey London – Latest Price List OTR Honda Odyssey London & the surrounding region (Plate D) in 2013.

Information Pricelist Honda Odyssey London’s most Up to Date and Reliable.
Obtain Extra Bonus Points Car Accessories Honda Odyssey Bandung.
Discounts available Honda Odyssey Bandung. Request CashBack – Contact: 0812 2121 2777.

Description of the type and price list of Honda Odyssey New London and the surrounding area (Plate No. D) applicable in 2013 as follows:
No.. Price Odyssey Honda Odyssey Bandung
1. Odyssey S CVT Rp. 604 000 000
2. Odyssey E CVT Rp. 704 000 000
London pricelist Honda Odyssey Honda Odyssey Price List New London

London pricelist Honda Odyssey has not been cut for a discount or cashback and still negotiable.
Pricelist car is not binding and can be changed at any time without prior notice.
Routinely we always do an update Pricelist cars every month.
If there are changes Pricelist Honda Odyssey cars Bandung each time an update will be done as soon as possible Pricelist Honda Bandung.

Do not forget to always contact the Sales Authorized Honda Dealer or visit Bandung Autobest for cash and credit purchases. Thank you for visiting and your confidence to the reliability of the information Pricelist Honda Odyssey Bandung, you are always eagerly anticipated arrival.
Secara rutin kami selalu melakukan update Pricelist mobil setiap bulannya.
Bila ada perubahan Pricelist unit mobil Honda Odyssey Bandung setiap waktu akan segera dilakukan update Pricelist Honda Bandung secepatnya.

Jangan Lupa untuk selalu menghubungi Sales Resmi atau kunjungi Dealer Honda Autobest Bandung untuk pembelian tunai maupun kredit. Terima Kasih atas kunjungan dan kepercayaan anda terhadap reliabilitas informasi Pricelist mobil Honda Odyssey Bandung, kedatangan anda selalu dinantikan.

Honda Odyssey Bandung

Honda Odyssey Bandung

All New Honda Odyssey Bandung (Extra Bonus Accessories, List Price Latest OTR, & Simulation Package Car Loan New Honda Odyssey Bandung) presents a range of improvements has established itself as a premium MPV in contrast to other models in its class, in terms of the more aerodynamic body shape plus full aero kits, cabin comfort and luxury the new color shades, innovative features, to sporty performance rarely found in an upmarket MPV. ECON Mode embedding technology is the first to make a model of Honda in Indonesia Bandung New Honda Odyssey is not only sporty but also at the same time environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. Since its inception, the Honda Odyssey Bandung has been a trendsetter in design and technology for a premium MPV. While other minivans are still using conventional boxy design, the first generation Honda Odyssey globally introduced the breakthrough curves show the aerodynamic body, roomy cabin space and luxury, as well as high-tech features.

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Latest New Honda Odyssey Cars Bandung are imported directly from Japan will meet the consumer demand for a luxury MPV is not only convenient and safe, but also fun to drive. Honda Odyssey has had a very loyal and potential markets in Bandung. This model is dedicated to individuals and families succeed in life, dared to be different from others, as well as the dynamic and youthful. Therefore, the new Honda Odyssey Bandung not only provide prestige for the owner as well as convenient for passengers, but also still presents sporty driving pleasure and performance of high-tech features.

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