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Pricelist Honda CR-V Bandung

Pricelist Honda CR-V Bandung

Price list Honda CR-V Or Harga Honda CR-V Bandung
Pricelist Honda CR-V New York: Latest Price List OTR vehicles All New Honda CR-V Bandung & the surrounding region (Plate D) in 2013.

Information Pricelist Honda CR-V Bandung most Up to Date and Reliable.
Obtain Extra Bonus Points Car Accessories All New Honda CR-V Bandung.
Discounts Available All New Honda CR-V Bandung. Request Cashback – Contact:  Honda Bandung.

Specification and price list car type All New Honda CR-V Bandung and surrounding areas (Plate No. D) applicable in 2013 as follows:
No.. All New CR-V Honda CR-V for Bandung
1. CRV 2.0 MT: Manual Rp. 390 000 000
2. CRV 2.0 AT: Automatic Rp. 400,000,000
3. CRV 2.0 AT Prestige: Automatic Rp. 419 000 000
4. 2.4 CRV AT: Automatic Rp. 434 500 000
5. 2.4 CRV AT Prestige: Automatic Rp. 453 500 000
Pricelist Honda CR-V Bandung Price List of All New Honda CR-V Bandung

Pricelist All New Honda CR-V Bandung has not been cut for a discount or cashback and still negotiable.
Pricelist car is not binding and can be changed at any time without prior notice.
Routinely we always do an update Pricelist cars every month.
If there is a change in the unit Pricelist All New Honda CR-V Bandung each time an update will be done as soon as possible Pricelist Honda Bandung.

Do not forget to always contact the Sales Authorized Honda Dealer or visit Bandung Autobest for cash and credit purchases. Thank you for visiting and your confidence to the reliability of the information Pricelist Honda CR-V Bandung, you are always eagerly anticipated arrival.

Honda Mobilio Bandung

Honda Mobilio Bandung

Honda Mobilio Bandung (Extra Bonus Accessories, List Price Latest OTR, & Simulation Package Car Loan New Honda Mobilio Bandung), the first LMPV car from Honda to Bandung premiered at the Indonesia International Motor Show 2013. Honda Mobilio Bandung designed specifically suit the unique needs of the majority of consumers in Indonesia. Honda Mobilio will fulfill a dream of going to Bandung consumers an affordable family car with Honda’s high quality standards. Honda Mobilio Bandung was designed as a model not only meet all the needs of a LMPV, but can bring a high standard of quality and performance is characteristic sporty Honda products Bandung. To achieve this, Honda made a thorough research on consumers in Indonesia, road conditions, and the use of the car to ensure that Honda Mobilio Bandung really fit the needs of consumers in Bandung. Especially with regard to the high number of bookings for the Honda Mobilio Bandung, we will increase the production of this car at the beginning of the year so that consumers wait time can be shorter.
Honda Honda Mobilio Mobilio Bandung Bandung Price
Credit Honda Accessories Honda Mobilio to All New Honda Mobilio Bandung in Bandung
The results of the research outlined in the design and the features offered by Honda Mobilio Bandung. The dimensions of the car along 4.39 meters is the ideal size to create a roomy cabin, but not difficult when parking. High ground clearance (185mm) provide driving comfort and confidence to consumers in various road conditions in Indonesia. In addition, the wheel-base of 2,650 mm and height along the optimum yield good stability at the same level of maneuverability. Its dimensions are meticulously designed, plus dynamic design, engine power in its class, as well as high fuel efficiency produces a very competitive package for the Honda Mobilio. Honda Mobilio Bandung will be special for Honda products in Bandung because it is specifically designed according to customer needs and character of the street in Bandung. Honda Mobilio Bandung will also be produced in Indonesia became the first product of the new Honda factory in Karawang we plan to begin operating in early 2014.

New Honda Bandung